Tuesday training now moves to 8.30 for the summer and the Thursday pick up session is 9.30
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If you have any questions about coming to train or joining the Chiefs then

please call Jimmy Gardner on +44(0)7973 265645.

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Are there spectators at your matches?
When are matches scheduled this year?
Reply to: psyroc@hotmail.com
Thanks, Don
Good afternoon,

I'm Carmen, a twenty one years old girl who have been playing hockey for a year, I am in a young mix hockey team at Granada (Eagles B (name of my team)) playing the Andalusia league and now the Madrid one, I will be in London this summer (I think on August) for two week or so and I would love to keep playing hockey as much as I can, for this reason I am sending you this email because I would like to know if I can play in some of your team, how much will be, if you are doing matches, if you have classes on morning or early afternoons, the schedule.

Thanks you so much.


Pls send me an email: carmen.salmeron.borja@hotmail.com
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